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Targeting & Profiling Solutions

Campaign success is dependent on reaching the right audience. Identifying the right audience starts with having the most complete data. Incomplete claims data will impact targeting, which is why MedFuse targeting and profiling solutions rely on our best-in-class data.


The best campaigns will only work if the message is delivered to the right audience. Whether the objective is clinical trial recruitment or commercial success, it starts with finding the audience.

MedFuse helps companies refine their targeting by combining real-world data with other demographics. Our solutions can improve speed, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Faster, more efficient, and effective means clinical trials are completed earlier and medicines reach patients sooner. Marketing campaigns are impactful in generating awareness and action amongst physicians and patients. All of these have positive impacts on population health.

Prescription Data Medical Claims Data
The best data medical claims data

MedFuse HCP Profiler

High-quality targeting requires understanding the complete physician.

Integrating multiple sources of information, the MedFuse HCP profiler provides one of the most comprehensive pictures of US physicians. Using the MedFuse HCP profiler platform, users can gain insights into a wide range of key elements that tell the complete story of each physician.

DX data

Physician Demographic

DX data

Prescribing Profile

DX data

Patient Base Composition

DX data

Patient Payer Mix & Access

DX data

MedFuse Target Score

DX data

KOL Leadership

DX data

KOL Mapping

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Sunshine Act Data


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