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The Changing Faces of America: Engaging Hispanic Audiences

Point of Care Now

Listen in and discover more about Hispanic healthcare consumers, a rapidly growing audience in the U.S. Recognizing the incredible potential (61M+ Americans), we’re learning to utilize key marketing approaches that have often been overlooked.

As examples, understanding the prominent role of community pharmacists and the influence of women on family healthcare decisions are two important factors in these overlooked approaches. There is also the need for point of care messaging that resonates by affirming beliefs and expectations within Hispanic culture.

In the healthcare marketing arena, there is recognition of a diagnosis gap that has negatively impacted this community for many years. By taking some time to deepen our awareness and knowledge, we are learning how to more effectively serve and provide better health outcomes for Hispanic healthcare consumers.

The American population is changing. It’s organically growing, and its diversity is increasingly becoming part of the fabric of our nation. Importantly, our cultures and beliefs are growing with us. As health care marketers, we know that engaging our audiences efficiently and effectively is crucial. But are we equipped to assess, understand, and communicate authentically with this growing population? People need to trust and feel the relevancy of our products. They need to identify with our campaigns. And in order to do that, it has to be authentic. 

-Christina Torricella Armstrong


When you take a look at the makeup of a family, Hispanic families are typically matriarchies . . . and these women really play a critical role in the healthcare decision making of their families. So, when you’re looking at point of care, one of the things that’s very interesting is that the female head of household is typically the one who's going to play a critical role in deciding what they’re going to be doing with the patient, along with a doctor. This is one of the nuances in terms of how culture impacts health behavior. 

-Jorge Daboub


Hispanic consumers need an informational guide that speaks to a condition in their language, with culturally relevant editorials, people, and everything else that comes with the culture. That would resonate more. It’s not just translating . . . it’s really doing a whole "trans-creation" for the Hispanic population within your point of care programs.

-Yesenia Bautista


Coming back to health care data -- which is where I’m most comfortable-- our company has appended all the social determinants of health into our data. I can look at data and start to slice and dice it and understand where the opportunities exist . . . and it’s interesting because as I look at all those key factors, there are still gaps that can be closed.

-Eric Talbot

About the author

POC Now Summit Speakers

Cristina A Torricella Armstrong
Master Narrative Designer & Senior Content Strategist, POCMA
Eric Talbot
Chief Strategy Officer, MedFuse
Jorge Daboub
EVP Client Partnerships, Healthcare & Pharma, TelevisaUnivision
Yesenia Bautista
VP, Point of Care, Publicis Health Media


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