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Leading the Change Live: Healthcare's Generational Shift

The evolving demographics within the U.S. are fundamentally reshaping the landscape of healthcare demands. Younger Americans are encountering health challenges even earlier than the generations ahead of them, prompting a shift in the paradigm of U.S. healthcare needs. What’s more, these generations are increasingly more diverse, with Hispanics making up the largest minority segment, resulting in increasing health inequity for Hispanics.

As the U.S. population sees modest growth, Baby Boomers and Millennials are aging. The oldest Millennials are now 44.

The U.S. population also continues to grow in diversity — 44% are multicultural, with Hispanics being the largest segment of that multicultural population. What’s more, their growth is 4.4x the total U.S. population growth.

And the younger the population gets, the more multicultural they get. 47% of Millennials are multicultural, and Hispanics represent about 20% of that.

Unfortunately, this younger population is getting sicker earlier. Millennials, therefore more Hispanics, are seeing their health decline faster than previous generations, leaving them at risk of declining health without early intervention.

Watch the video above as Jorge Daboub, EVP, Client Partnerships for TelevisaUnivision, and Eric Talbot, Chief Strategy Officer for MedFuse, explain how to arm yourself with critical insights into the influence of younger generations, diversity, and the pivotal role Hispanic patients play in shaping the future of healthcare.            

About the author

MedFuse & Televisa/Univision

Eric Talbot is Chief Strategy Officer for MedFuse. His experience includes over two decades of working with healthcare companies in the US and around the world in markets such as Europe, Asia, and Australasia.

Jorge Daboub is Executive Vice President, Client Partnerships for TelevisaUnivision based in New York City, New York. He is a seasoned executive with over 25 years of marketing, advertising, and sales management experience, with special expertise in the areas of brand building, Hispanic consumer insights, and research/ROI analysis.


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